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Service List

Please find below some of the services we offer.

Feel free to contact us if you require any advise.

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Chimney Sweep

Lined flues £60

Unlined/Open Fires £80

Stove Service +£50

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Full Installation Inspection & Report

Please read below for more details on what's involved with our full inspection. From £300


Nest Removal

Bird Nest / Blockage Removal can only be carried out once the birds have left. 

From £150.


Chimney Lining

Stainless Steel Chimney lining fitted & Certificated From £999

 Please contact us for an exact quote.


Cowl Fitting

We only use the highest of quality stainless steel cowls made in North Wales. 

 Fitted from £150


Hetas Certification

With all installations we offer full Hetas Certification. If you already have a stove installed or have moved into a new property without any paperwork we can offer a full written report detailing the current work. 

Full Installation Inspection & Report.

If you are in the process of selling or purchasing a property this service may be of use to you, Stoves fitted before Hetas Certification was around constantly cause trouble during the home sale/purchase process, Our written reports outline everything there is to know regarding the appliance and satisfies solicitors where required "assuming the installation is found to be safe and meet regulations"

We also offer remedial work at short notice if required to meet deadlines. 


 This service includes but is not limited to.. 

  • Stove Body Integrity Check

  • Internal Stove Inspection 

  • Chimney Swept where required to allow clear camera inspection

  • Distance to combustibles check 

  • Co alarm placement

  • Chimney stack inspection 

  • Closure plate / Register plate compliance and structural check 

  • Flue draught reading and smoke Tests

  • Full written report by a Hetas qualified engineer. 

  • Insurance approved chimney sweep certification 

  • Quote auditing on any remedial work required 

  • Re Blackening of appliance & rope seals replaced where required. 

  • Professional advice for future servicing and usage. 

  • Flue terminal suitability. 

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